Our Prayer Team is headed up by Pastor Mario Sandoval from Maranatha Church. We encourage you to pray every Tuesday night from 7pm to 8pm, as prayer sets the stage for what God wants to do in The Church of Waco and in The Gathering Waco service.

6 Major Prayer Points:
1)  Pray for the leadership and our volunteer teams.
2)  Pray for those who are disconnected from the church and those who do not know Jesus to be saved at this event.
3)  Pray for financial provision for the event.
4)  Pray for our 2 hour worship service to be powerful and to glorify Jesus.
5)  Pray for Miles McPherson, Anthony Evans and our local worship leadership specifically to be anointed and empowered by God.
6)   Pray against every work of darkness that would try to distract or prevent the work of God that He is wanting to do.

Stadium Prayer
* There will be opportunities to pray through McLane stadium on Friday, April 7 from 7-9pm and again on Saturday, April 8 from 10am-5pm.